I discovered I loved weddings in 2009! It may have been because the organisation and execution of such an important event spoke to the perfectionist in me. It could have been because I excel in anything that allows me to design and create. It might have been because I’m a problem solver and enjoy the task of staying cool, calm and collected when faced with a challenge!

Honestly, however, it was simply because I loved being a part of the big day! My favourite moment of any wedding is the end of the night. When all the preparation, planning and performance is over and all that’s left is the contentment and delight of the wedding party. When I can finally sit back and I’m filled with gratitude that I could help them achieve that!

Between 2009 and the present day, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy that feeling through a variety of weddings. From large cultural marriages to smaller cherished events, I’ve learned that whilst each wedding is unique to every couple, the fundamentals are the same. Personal, authentic and a reflection of the couple’s life together.

My aim is to make the build up to your big day and the wedding day itself as stress-free, smooth and perfectly planned as possible.

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I can honestly say that with Kemal’s warm heart, hospitality, reassurance and excellent organisational skills my wedding ran as smoothly as it possibly could! Kemal’s high standards and level of professionalism was highly noticed by my friends and family. My wedding was amazing all thanks to this true gent.
Filiz Girtli